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In the Name of Allaah, All Compassionate, All Merciful
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Misconception: Islaam degrades women

Even though many aspects of Islaam are misunderstood by non-Muslims, the ignorance, misinformation and incorrect assumptions that are made in regards to Islaam's treatment of women are probably the most severe.

Numerous verses of the Qur.aan make it clear that men and women are equal in the sight of God. According to the teachings of Islaam, the only thing that distinguishes people in the sight of God is their level of God-consciousness. Due to this, many people are surprised to find out that Islaamic Law guaranteed rights to women over 1400 years ago and that women in Europe and America only obtained their rights recently. For example, Islaam clearly teaches that a woman is a full-person under the law, and is the spiritual equal of a male. Also, according to Islaamic Law, women have the right to own property, operate a business and receive equal pay for equal work. Women are allowed total control of their wealth, they cannot be married against their will and they are allowed to keep their own name when married.

Additionally, they have the right to inherit property and to have their marriage dissolved in the case of neglect or mistreatment. Also, Islaam does not consider a woman an "evil temptress", and thus does not blame women for the "original sin". Women in Islaam participate in all forms of worship that men participate in. Actually, the rights that Islaam gave to women over 1400 years ago were almost unheard of in the West until the 1900's.

Less than fifty years ago in England and America, a woman could not buy a house or car without the co-signature of her father or husband! Additionally, Islaam gives great respect to women and their role in society; it gives them the right to own property, marry who they want and many other rights. Also, it should be mentioned that the Prophet Muhammad's mission stopped many of the horrible practices in regards to women that were present in the society of his time. For example, the Qur.aan put an end to the pagan Arab practice of killing their baby daughters when they were born.

Additionally, Islaam put restrictions on the unrestricted polygamy of the Arabs of the time, and put many laws in place to protect the well-being of women. Today, most of the so-called reforms in the status of women came about after the West abandoned religion for secularism. Even those in the West who claim to follow the so-called "Judaeo-Christian tradition" really follow the values of Western liberalism, but just to a lesser degree than their more liberal countrymen.

If women in the Muslim World today don't have their rights, it is not because Islaam did not give them to them. The problem is that in many places alien traditions have come to overshadow the teachings of Islaam, either through ignorance or the impact of Colonialisation.

Prepared by: Abu 'Iyaad