NEWS\ Tuesday 18 September 2001
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In the Name of Allaah, All Compassionate, All Merciful
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Questions to Shaykh Saalih al-Lehaydaan...

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Judiciary Council of Saudi Arabia states: "It is not logical to accuse the Muslims"

What Happened in America Is A Crime Rejected By Islaam

Statement on the recent terrorist bombings in the United States as reported in Okaz (a leading Saudi Arabian daily) on Friday, 26 Jumaadaa Al-Akhirah 1422 corresponding to September 14, 2001

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Judiciary Council of Saudi Arabia and member o the Council of Senior Scholars, Shaykh Saalih al-Lehaydaan affirmed that Islaam forbids attacks and aggression upon the innocent just as Islaamic law (Sharee'ah) does not allow the shedding of blood except with just cause according to Islaamic guidelines and the shedding of blood is not permitted in general.

His eminence responded to questions of Okaz regarding the explosions that occurred in the United States that took thousands of innocent civilian lives saying that killing is not permitted unless in time of war and to kill innocent people is among the major sins and the most heinous of crimes.

He added that what happened in America was one of the most dangerous crimes and that the religion of Islaam does not condone it nor is it correct for anyone to approve of it.

The Chief Justice expressed that the Muslims of America should not be feared stating “I do not believe that the United States of America would perpetrate an injustice upon those who have not done any wrong towards them nor transgress their rights as that would be illogical”. What follows is the text of the interview with Okaz with Shaykh Saalih al-Lehaydaan:

Question: How do you view, your eminence, what occurred with the attacks in the United States Of America from an Islaamic perspective?

Response: Allaah has made Islaam to forbid wrongdoing (thulm) and the Prophet (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) stated:

((Ath-thulmu thulumaat yaum al-qiyaamah (Wrong is multiplied on the Day of Resurrection)))

And it is related in the authentic hadeeth that Allaah stated:

((Oh My slaves, I have forbidden wrong and oppression to Myself and I have made it forbidden among you therefore do not do wrong or oppress))

Therefore, attacks upon those whom have not attacked you and to kill innocent people who have committed no crime (i.e. against you) is among those things forbidden in Islaam because it does not allow the shedding of blood except for a legally justified reason and it is not permissible to shed blood in general. It is something allowed only in the case of war to kill the combatant enemy. As far as attacking even if it is to kill a perpetrator immediately, is not considered among the righteous deeds nor from the permitted acts. On the contrary it is of the detestable acts because to kill a person who has not perpetrated any crime nor done anything deserving being killed is considered of the major sins and most heinous of crimes. Accordingly that crimes which occurred in America that we witnessed its aftermath in the photographs taken through one of the media outlets is no doubt among the most dangerous criminal acts which Islaam in no way agrees with and it is not permissible for anyone to condone. It is an abomination.

The matter in Islaam is such that one may not be treated as a criminal unless that person has attacked and therefore there may be reprisals or enmity towards him. As far as going about that in such a way that the result is taking thousands of souls of women and children and those whom are non-combatants and such then it is of the evil of acts.

• • •

The Effects of the Explosions

Question: What do you see as the effects of these explosions upon the Muslim in the U.S.?

Response: As far as the Muslims, the U.S. is cited as a land that acts according to the rule of law and if such is the case then that law is what should prevail over the desires of the American people. If then a person obeys the law reasonably and it is the character of that reason based law not to punish anyone for other than the crime they commit, then it is not correct nor should it occur that those who are reasonable will to do any harm towards him - neither the Muslim in America or the non-Muslim Arab or any other nationality or any other religion. It is deeply rooted in those who use intellect and reason that the perpetrator of a crime bears that crime himself. If one perpetrates a crime let not his crime be cause to make others into criminals who have not done so. I do not expect that that the US nor the Americans will not commit a wrong against who has done no wrong or to attack whom has not attacked them because that is against reason. America and the American people must necessarily be among the most advanced of nations in what it does and what laws it makes for people.

• • •

Muslims Rejection of What Occurred

Question: Your eminence, the enemies and detractors of Islaam have pointed the harshest allegations towards Arabs and Muslims. How would you comment?

Response: In any case the type of people and the masses who do not judge according to reason point to those who have perpetrated no crime and to those who reject the crime. This is not at all reasonable.

• • •

This Is No Argument

Question: There are those who commit crimes and attribute themselves to Islaam. What is the effect of this?

Response: As I stated, the perpetrator of a crime is alone responsible for his crime. If a person commits some thoughtlessness or stupidity and then does a criminal act, even if they are Muslim and even if he prays and fasts, his deed is not an argument for those who wish to wrong Islaam.

• • •

Question: What would you like to comment on additionally dear Shaykh with regards to the matter of these explosions?

Response: That those upon whom this disaster has fallen would reflect and think about the favors that they enjoy such as security, comfort, wealth and power that was considered unequalled. If they would think about this they would find that it was only due to the favors granted by Allaah upon them. These favors cannot be compared to this great disaster that has befallen them. Hardships as great as they may be are little in comparison to the favors that Allaah has granted to people.