NEWS\ Sunday 24 March 2002
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In the Name of Allaah, All Compassionate, All Merciful
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Shaykh Saalih ibn Fowzaan's lessons live on PalTalk...

It brings us great pleasure to announce that Shaykh Saalih ibn Fowzaan - who is from the major scholars of our time - will be giving lessons via PalTalk - live from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, inshaa.-Allaah.

The following room has been registered in the [islam] category for the Sheikh: [sheikh saleh alfawzan]

The Shaykh's programme of lessons will be as follows, inshaa.-Allaah:

After Salaat al-Maghrib, approximately 18:30 / 6:30pm - Saudi Arabian time

Explanation of the book: "Qurratu-'Uyoon al-Muwahhideen"

Open question-answer session

Explanation of the book: "Buloogh al-Maraam"

Explanation of the book: "Zaad al-Mustaqni'"

Please note, the Shaykh's lessons will be in Arabic only and will not be translated to English.

Finally, the Sheikh's website - - will soon be going live, inshaa.-Allaah.