NEWS\ Saturday 22 March 2003
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In the Name of Allaah, All Compassionate, All Merciful
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Shaykh Sulaymaan ar-Ruhaylee mentions...

"Bismillaahir-Rahmaanir-Raheem. What is obligatory upon the Muslims is to make recourse to Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, and to ask Him to protect the Muslims and that He wards off the evil from them, and that suffices the Muslims against the evil of their enemies and their plots. Just as it is obligatory uopn the Muslims to return backto their Lord, and that their reflect upon their conditions and about what has led them to this humiliation.

And that every single individual returns back to check his own soul, and to check his adherence to his deen, and that he aids Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, as it relates to himself, so that Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic may aid him against his enemy, and this is a vital matter.

And it is not befitting that we occup the Muslims away from this mighty objective, which is checking the soul, and aiding Allaah the Mighty and Majestic in regards to one's soul, so that the aid of Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, for the Ummah can be actualised.

Just as it is obligatory upon everyone to return back to the Scholars and to revolve around them, and to take whatever they direct towards, because they are the most knowledgeable of that by which Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, rectifies the Ummah, and they are most precise, most understanding and their directions of advice are better and safer.

And it is not permissible to aid the Kuffar in this matter, and as for the ruling concerning what has happened, then this is for the Scholars, and there is detail to his saying (i.e. the questioner's), "a nullifier from the nullifiers of Islaam, or not", because applying a nullifier to a specific individual has conditions that are necessarily required, and this matter returns back to verifying the base, origin (of the ruling), and explaining the condition of the person, so that a judgement can be passed upon him that is appropriate and befitting to his situation. And Allaah knows best."

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Translated by: Abu 'Iyaad