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In the Name of Allaah, All Compassionate, All Merciful
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Whilst English-speaking Muslims have been starved of access to officially-published fataawa which originate in the Arabic language, inshaa.-Allaah, our aim is to make available online, these and many other fataawa in the English language for the first time! On a regular basis therefore, we endeavour to publish new questions along with their answers, inshaa.-Allaah. So stay tuned.

Importantly, whoever finds any mistakes in our work, either in translation or typing, then please advise us by emailing us at mail@fatwa-online.com, indicating the mistake and its place along with the correct translation. We thank all those who will point out any mistakes with the intention of seeking Allaah's Pleasures, and of correcting our work. Indeed, Allaah is Surety over what we say.

Note: All Qur.aanic references are merely translations of the meaning of the Qur.aan.