In the Name of Allaah, All Compassionate, All Merciful
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Every three days during Ramadhaan - Qataadah

Potbellied and disgraced - al-Hasan

Do not help anyone in disobedience to Allaah... Imaam al-Barbahaaree

There is no excuse for going astray... - 'Umar ibn al-Khattaab

There is no excuse for going astray... - 'Umar ibn 'Abdul-'Azeez

That is my madhhab - Imaam Abu Haneefah

We are mortals... - Imaam Abu Haneefah

When I say something contradicting the Book of Allaah... - Imaam Abu Haneefah

Truly I am a mortal... - Imaam Maalik

Whenever I voice my opinion... - Imaam ash-Shaafi'ee

Indeed the people of Truth and the Sunnah... - Shaykh al-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah

I know my religion... - al-Hasan al-Basree

I will not remain silent... - Abu Ismaa'eel 'Abdullaah ibn Muhammad al-Ansaaree

I war against those who reject the hadeeth... - al-Humaydee

The jihaad with decisive proofs... - Ibn al-Qayyim

Defence of the Sunnah is more superior... - Yahyaa ibn Yahyaa